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PrivacyVue™ and Enviralum partner to offer the first Florida Building Code approved impact-resistant fixed glazing system with switchable glass


PrivacyVue™ switchable glass is now offered in an exterior-hurricane impact storefront product. Enviralum’s ENV-450 fixed window wall system recently obtained Florida Building Code Approval by meeting large and small missile impact requirements with PrivacyVue™ (FL Building Code Approval #19002).

Enviralum’s ENV-450 is a high-performance glazing system that offers variable glazing options, including the recent addition of PrivacyVue™ switchable glass. The system can also be thermally broken for superior energy savings and is a unitized, pre-glazed system that offers superior quality control and saves field labor.

“Today’s architects and owners are constantly looking for unique ways for their buildings to stand out and make a statement, by adding PrivacyVue™ to our ENV-450 system we can not only offer a unique visual design but offer owners and tenants privacy with a flip of a switch,” says Frank Messa, President of Enviralum.


For additional information on PrivacyVue™ visit For additional information on Enviralum visit

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About PrivacyVue™ – PrivacyVue™ offers architects, designers and owners a high-performing, low voltage switchable glass product that can be produced in sizes up to 72” x 120” and is the first switchable glass product that has been approved in an impact-resistant window system. PrivacyVue™ is sold through authorized dealers only. For more information on using or specifying PrivacyVue™ visit or call 305.477.1164.

About Enviralum – Enviralum Industries, Inc., founded in 2011 by Frank Messa, offers a complete line of entrance and storefront systems to meet the demanding needs of the industry in quality, service and sustainable design. The corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Miami servicing the Southeast region of the United States. For more information on Enviralum visit or call 305.752.4411.

Dash Door’s PrivacyVue Website Has Launched

by Steve Sanko on 1/21/2015

We’re excited to announce that PrivacyVue, Dash Door’s electrified switchable glass product line, now has its own dedicated website! The site features more details about the switchable glass, including applications and product and design options, as well as key features and examples of the glass in use. Take a look at the new website here to learn more.

If you’re interested in incorporating PrivacyVue in your commercial or residential project, please contact

One of our previous posts discussed the increased use of sliding glass doors in office layouts.  It was noted that the use of glass as office fronts increases natural light and energy efficiency.  The increased use of glass however can contribute to decreased privacy.  One solution type that can bring the best of both worlds is Switchable Privacy Glass like the Dash Door PrivacyVue™ line.

This technology will switch the glass from transparent to an opaque translucent state with the simple flip of a switch, tap of an app, or wave of a hand.  The technology makes available a dynamic space that can be both private and open.

Uses of switchable privacy glass include:

• Residential – bathroom / shower enclosures, partitions
• Commercial – conference rooms, office doors/partitions, reception
• Retail – changing rooms, projection displays
• Healthcare: ICU Doors, Nurseries, ERs, ORs, clinic partitions
• Hospitality – bathroom /shower enclosures, partitions
• Banking – ballistic teller lines, transaction windows, safe deposit rooms


Glass “OFF” – Opaque

Glass “OFF” – Opaque

Glass “ON” – Transparent

Glass “ON” – Transparent

The Principal

When the power is off the liquid crystal molecules are randomly oriented and will scatter incidental light. This renders the Switchable Privacy Glass panel opaque.

When an electric current is applied, the liquid crystal molecules line up, the incidental light passes through, and the privacy glass becomes clear.

Privacy Glass is a laminated glass. The laminated material within is Liquid Crystal Privacy Film, which responds to an electrical current.

When electricity is applied to the film via the wiring, the liquid crystals align and the glass instantly becomes clear.  When the power is turned off, the liquid crystals return to their normal scattered positions rendering the glass an opaque translucent.



PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) is a medium whose light scattering power is adjustable through applying an electric field. In their natural (uncharged) state, the PDLC droplets randomly align.

PDLC Film consists of a polymer matrix of liquid crystals enclosed by electrically conductive Indium Tin Oxide-coated PET film. The resulting PDLC Film has wiring attached to a conductive copper strip (busbar) along the film’s edge.  In a low voltage platform, this wiring is connected to a step-down transformer through which power is supplied for the “on” (clear) state.  In their natural (uncharged) state, the PDLC droplets randomly align, thus creating the an opaque translucent condition.

Two sheets of glass are laminated over the PDLC film. The components are assembled under high pressure and temperature to form a single unit.

The ordinary refractive index of these liquid crystals does not match that of the polymer, and the incident light is thus scattered, resulting in a translucent state. When an electric field is applied across the material, the PDLC droplets re-orient, and subsequently the extraordinary refractive index of the liquid crystal matches that of the polymer. Therefore, the incident light can pass through, resulting in a transparent state.


Laminated Switchable Privacy Glass is opaque / translucent when the switch is in the off position and clear when electric current is applied to each lite of glass


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