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Facility Manager Education Series – Part 2 – Automatic Door Daily Safety Checks

Daily Safety Checks While Hold Harmless clauses may appear in many automatic door PM / service contracts, it should be noted that the automatic door professional is not typically on site 24/7 to address deficiencies as they appear. Tampering with equipment by on-site engineering or pedestrians is not and cannot be the responsibility of a […]

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Facility Manager Education Series – Part I – Automatic Door Preventative Maintenance / Risk Management Surveys

 Automatic Door Preventative Maintenance / Risk Management Facility-wide surveys conducted by an AAADM certified qualified firm should be the starting point in initiating a long-term preventative maintenance (PM) / risk management program.  Negotiation of an automatic door PM program with your automatic door professional entails the assessment of the existing equipment in relation to ANSI […]

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Dash Door – Record 8100 Series Swing Operator

The record 8100 Series Electro-Mechanical Swing Door Operator is engineered to automate swing doors for locations featuring high traffic, such as hospitals, supermarkets and airports. Eliminating noisy distractions, the 8100 Series also provides a smooth and quiet operation.

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Selecting the Right Automatic Door

Automatic doors are quite common in commercial facilities since they provide invaluable convenience to people working in and visiting the premises. However, selecting the right automatic door is crucial for reaping the benefits of these doors.

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Automatic Door Maintenance

If you have automatic doors installed at your building, whether commercial or residential, it is important that you plan their maintenance carefully in order to keep them functional for a long time. If you don’t take measures to maintain your automatic doors, they can end up damaged before they have reached their full design service life. Depending upon factors such as the amount of traffic and the age of doors, you can select anything from a basic to an all-inclusive full maintenance program type that your local door service company has to offer.

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Research: White Paper: Automatic Door Trends Through the Eyes of Consumers and Key Buyers/Specifiers

It is often times difficult to get a “500 mile high” view of trends in the automatic door community.  It is a community of regional distribution channels and considerations.  In 2004, AAADM (The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturer’s – www.aaadm.com) conducted an influential study / survey which helped to fill in the blanks in […]

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Automatic Doors: What you need to know about specifying and standards

Many of Dash Door’s clients are well versed in the various automatic door types and their general uses.  We often find it helpful; however, to point customers who are “newbies” to automatic doors to the information below as provided by Christopher Johnson of the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM).  It is a good […]

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