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Facility Manager Education Series – #3 – Anatomy Of A Service Call

Service Response Work-Flow Many lessons have been learned over decades of providing service to and interacting with facility managers.  Perhaps the easiest step which will minimize frustration by all parties is to clearly define the service call work-flow.  IT IS IMPORTANT that a facility’s service vendors make clear and COMMUNICATE their preferred service response work-flow; this […]

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Facility Manager Education Series – Part 2 – Automatic Door Daily Safety Checks

Daily Safety Checks While Hold Harmless clauses may appear in many automatic door PM / service contracts, it should be noted that the automatic door professional is not typically on site 24/7 to address deficiencies as they appear. Tampering with equipment by on-site engineering or pedestrians is not and cannot be the responsibility of a […]

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Facility Manager Education Series – Part I – Automatic Door Preventative Maintenance / Risk Management Surveys

 Automatic Door Preventative Maintenance / Risk Management Facility-wide surveys conducted by an AAADM certified qualified firm should be the starting point in initiating a long-term preventative maintenance (PM) / risk management program.  Negotiation of an automatic door PM program with your automatic door professional entails the assessment of the existing equipment in relation to ANSI […]

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When we speak the same language – we get more done!

Dash Door’s well-received Facility Manager Education Series topics have been previously presented in a classroom setting as requested by a number of our South Florida Facility clients. Some years ago, some of our more forward thinking health care system and higher-education facility managers and procurement staff had requested regular on-site classroom presentation on a number […]

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