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Specialty services

The Specialty Services Group develops custom product solutions for unique projects. Our team leads multi-track efforts in design, engineering and product testing to satisfy code compliance requirements and project performance criteria. From patented security controls to wind-responsive beachfront doors, the Specialty Services Group builds upon the experience, expertise and collaboration of our teams.

Talent Aggregator

All-Star blended team of trusted partner vendors and in-house talent

Closed Loop

Specialty Services Group takes the full life-cycle of the project into account from installation to maintenance with end-use of the project always considered

Product Innovation

In-house engineering and a collaborative design charrette process result in project-specific product development

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Our Previous Projects

Jade Signature – Monumental Entrances

The Jade Signature project is the definitive example of multiple Dash Door & Glass product and service groups comb ...

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Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport is one of Dash Door's oldest and long-valued client relationships.  Every Dash Door & Glass service group has been involved in every aspect of automatic door and security door access / co ...

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Inglotech USA – PrivacyVue®

(HINT : click on a gallery picture and use the widget arrows to turn the glass ON & OFF) Inglotech's Coral Gables, FL office location is a case study in use of "daylighting" of exterior positioned ...

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