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Curtainwall Installation

May 20, 2019

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Curtainwall Installation

Glass & Glazing Group was filmed at a recent curtainwall install. Our team used the SmartLift glass handler. This equipment allowed us to install curtainwall segments from the interior, making it safer for our Dash installation team as they lift 400 lb. pieces of glass into place!

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Product Videos

Avigilon – Dash Door Video Surveillance & Analytics

  Presenting Dash Door’s Avigilon product line – We are your one-stop-shop for award-winning HD video surveillance and access control solutions – from servers to cameras to door readers. Empower your security teams with industry leading technology and software designed specifically for the IT professional. Learn more

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Reference Tools

Insulated Glass – Acoustic Performance Data Tables

STC ratings are a way to measure and compare how much sound is stopped / absorbed by any given product / material. STC ratings are used for windows, wall assemblies, doors and some constituent materials.

The STC rating is the average amount of noise stopped at 18 different frequencies, measured in decibels. STC ratings are a logarithmic scale similar to the earthquake Richter Scale, which means each escalating number is significantly higher in performance than the previous number. It is a non-linear scale.

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Technical Articles

Where are your keys?

  It’s a great occasion when we can admit an issue faced by our our own company and happily report that it has been solved by one of the very products we represent and support.  Dash Door is happy to pass along an informative white paper and provide a product testimonial that has had a […]

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