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Understanding Lock Functions

To most people, all locks look pretty much the same; but truth be told, they operate in significantly different ways.  Some lock from the inside, some have key cylinders, and some don’t lock at all. How a lock functions is always important in terms of code compliance and door location. 

There are over 50 lock functions listed across various manufacturer catalogs. These functions can be difficult to “decode” if you are not a door hardware expert. Thankfully, there are only 6 primary mechanical lock functions that make up the vast majority of locks that are used:

1) Passage Function

2) Privacy Function

3) Storeroom Function

4) Office Function

5) Classroom Function

6) Classroom Security Function

In order to better understand these basic types and a few important variants, Dash Door & Glass has created the downloadable guide below to serve as a reference.

Understanding lock functions is vital to protecting your facility against security vulnerabilities and meeting life-safety / egress requirements for the occupants.