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Facility Manager Education Series – Part 2 – Automatic Door Daily Safety Checks

Daily Safety Checks

While Hold Harmless clauses may appear in many automatic door PM / service contracts, it should be noted that the automatic door professional is not typically on site 24/7 to address deficiencies as they appear. Tampering with equipment by on-site engineering or pedestrians is not and cannot be the responsibility of a door professional contracted to provide quarterly inspections, for example. Daily safety checks are the responsibility of the automatic door end-user. Instructions on how to conduct standard safety inspections are provided by your AAADM provider at door installation in the form of a sticker on your door (typically on door frame / jamb) and a user manual. If you do not have instructions on how to conduct safety inspections, you may contact your AAADM service provider for information.

IT IS IMPORTANT that any facility be knowledgeable on how to conduct such automatic door inspections and make it a standard practice to conduct them prior to the start of business EVERY DAY.


In order to aid facility managers and end-users in their daily safety checks, Dash Door has recently made available reissued versions of the 2009 AAADM educational videos. These videos provide clear instruction on how to conduct daily safety inspections on standard automatic door types.

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