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Security Doors – Multi-Point Locking





Dash Door is pleased to represent the Torterolo & Re line of custom multi-point locking security doors.  Torterolo & Re are 100% Italian made and represents a SINGULAR PRODUCT CLASS encompassing the highest level of aesthetic, quality and functional security.


Please feel free to schedule a consult with your Dash Door sales rep to help you explore the many combinations of finishes, lock types, glass options and security classes within the massive Torterolo & Re catalog.  If we can’t find it – we can help you with custom design parameters to be quoted by our friends at Torterolo & Re.  Fantastico!


Product Series Offerings



Impressive, functionally and aesthetically, with a high level of environmental performance. Gold Series Security Door Systems are ideal for front doors, back door, side door, Condominiums, or any other application were High Security level of protection are required.



The Gold Plus Series is unrivaled: it provides the highest level of burglary resistance performance with high security standards that include an outstanding high security multi-point locking system;  thermal and acoustic insulation standards are also enhanced.  The Gold Series offers an additional / redundant mechanical and electronic locking options.



Sun-Light Series Security doors offer access to light while, at the same time, maintaining a high level of security, without sacrificing style and insulation.  Full lite security doors offering Dash Door’s full range of conventional security glazing in addition to our own PrivacyVue™ switchable glass platform in an insulated glass configuration.



The Portali series is Torterolo & Re’s response to the increasing requirement for bespoke security door sets to suit “over-sized” entrances.  These are oversized security door pair options offered in the full line of attractive materials / finishes.



Designed to meet changing market requirements with high levels of thermal and acoustic insulation, the Comfort Series achieves the latest challenging standards required for protection against cold, heat and noise.  “Comfort” series doors are manufactured using a double sheet steel structure which is insulated and reinforced with vertical omega steel stiffeners. There is an added layer for extra thermal insulation.



Simple lines and plain surfaces that are flush with the walls and without interruption:
Elegance Series Security Doors express the latest modern trends of interior design – simplicity, grace and refinement.  Modern profiles and finish options.



Protection Series combine the security and environmental characteristics of our security line of doors range with added protection against fire for up to 60 minutes – under European Standards.


Security with Personal Style

We develop security with scientific rigour and manufacture with pride and creativity because each door has unique features, the customer’s. We translate individual ideas from the field and work alongside architects and designers in their projects to incoporate the versatility of our craftsmanship, the flexibility of our production processes and the expression of precious woods, unusual materials, metals, mosaics and stained glass, trendy colors, shapes and special processing, to provide an array of finishes of all kinds ….


Timeless Classics

Precious woods – dyed, bleached or lacquered – glass, grates, and a vast array of accessories, ensure both harmony and originality even in traditional doors.
Traditional and creative instincts are married particualarly through wood, a timeless material that endures. We continue to commit the utmost attention to detail; this drives our business and we work with skilled craftsmen, modeling an almost infinite range of expression: chestnut, olive, ash, walnut, pine, elm …. we value all unique aspects of the essences, including treatments such as zero gloss paint, oil or wax finishes, and brushing.


Torterolo & Re

For 50 years, our work has been a key influence in the developing market for Security Door Sets – that is, a secure door leaf with its own integral adjustable security frame.

All our products result from thorough and detailed planning – we take pride in ensuring that all materials and components are very carefully selected and approved with all production being undertaken through a state-of-the-art, high technology operation that is certified to ISO 9001.

Our range of Security Door Sets, with its wide variety of styles and security systems provides not only certification against forced entry, but also impressive levels of thermal and acoustic insulation, weather resistance as well as the all important CE assurance.

Our range of styles and finishes, which is constantly being developed and updated, really does mean that we can achieve the most demanding of customers’ needs.