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Double locking for increased peace of mind

Series TR 611 Security Doors are manufactured using a double sheet steel structure which is insulated and reinforced with vertical omega steel stiffeners, a high security multi-point locking system with a Euro profile cylinder to operate the lock. Available in a variety of sizes both standard and customised, the full range of panels are available to ensure a comprehensive product range.
Class 3 (ENV 1627)

Acoustic Insulation
Rw 33dB (RW 40dB with additional kit)*
Thermal insulation
U= 1.8W / m²K (until U= 1.6 with additional kit)*


Door Leaf

  • Structure – double galvanised steel sheet (10/10 outer and 10/10 inner) reinforced with internal vertical omega stiffeners
  • Insulation – fireproof material within the door carcase which also assists with thermal insulation
  • Hanging side – two robust adjustable welded hinges and five dog bolts
  • Lock protection plate
  • Adjustable keep for latch bolt
  • Panel keeper (door leaf edges) with brown finish (option for RAL colours or stainless steel)
  • Soft rubber gasket for sealing in between door leaf and door jambs (sealing against dust, noise and air)
  • ‘Standard’ range of door finishes (available in numerous finishes and colors)
  • Door limiter (door check)
  • Wide angled door view
  • Adjustable drop seal in base


Frame and Subframe

Range of frames and integral subframes of rolled 2mm steel plate finished with polyester dark brown (RAL colour finishes also available including different colours internally and externally).
Other than standard frames, other versions are available to meet different architectural and building requirements from new structures to renovation and refurbishments.

High Security Multipoint Locking with Euro Profile Cylinder; Secondary Lock with Additional Cylinder

Controlled by just a single small key, the locking system provides concurrent operation of one single locking bolt at the base, three bolts on the center plus a latch, and two more on top on the door leaf; individual bolts of die cast toughened steel have a special shape to resist attempts to force them.

The secondary cylinder, also a Euro profile cylinder, controls the additional security dead bolt in the centre of the door leaf; it also blocks the main lock thereby providing a home owner with the chance to regulate access by, for example, house staff and service personnel.

An important security feature for the whole range of Euro profile cylinders (Smart, Excel or ‘Prestige’) is the additional protection afforded by a hardened steel defender (shield) – this is firmly anchored within the door leaf and it provides added protection against attempts to attack the locking system.

In the event of lost keys, replacement cylinders can be provided – it is the cylinder alone that requires replacement and this is not a complicated process.
A useful feature is that the lock can readily be fitted with a half cylinder, something that can be very useful for work on, for example, construction projects.

Gold Configurations