PrivacyVue® – Electrified Switchable / Privacy Glass

PrivacyVue® – Electrified Switchable / Privacy Glass

PrivacyVue® is an innovative product from Dash Door & Closer Service, Inc., offering electrified switchable privacy glass in custom door and wall configurations. PrivacyVue® glazing systems offer architects, designers, building owners and homeowners the ultimate in controllable privacy, security and visual display Imagery Glass. PrivacyVue® is more than switchable glass, it’s engineered door and wall systems that offers multiple options in performance, aesthetics, hardware, locking mechanisms and switching – all with the guarantee of the highest quality installation.

Known as Switchable Glass, Electrified Glass, Privacy Glass, Smart Glass or any such combination.  Dash Door’s PrivacyVue® product line glass type will stay opaque in the “non-electrified” state.  Introducing electric current with the flip of a switch turns the glass clear / transparent.  A special film laminated between glass layers allows for instant privacy for any commercial  or residential application.

Retail applications include using the opaque state as an imagery glass rear projection screen surface on an exterior storefront.

Dash Door’s Specialty Service Group has designed, tested and implemented the PrivacyVue® custom hardware line to integrate with switchable glass applications.  An example would be modification of a glass door lock such that the glass is switched when a bathroom door lock thumb-piece is turned.  Wireless remotes are also available and can be integrated with control modules providing for “cascade” or “rolling digital curtain” effects / patterns in walls comprised of multiple switchable glass panels.

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How Does Electrified / Switchable Privacy Glass Work?


Laminated Switchable Privacy Glass is opaque / translucent when the switch is in the off position and clear when electric current is applied to each lite of glass



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