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Magnetic Locks

Dash Door utilizes a range of magnetic lock types for various installation in order to provide secure and code compliant locking configurations.

Visit our Hardware-Access Control menu for some of our magnetic lock product offerings.

Dash Door is proud to distribute, install and support our manufacturer partners.


For more than 85 years Schlage has been providing innovative security solutions. Today, Schlage is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology such as wireless security products, biometrics and video solutions.


SECURITY DOOR CONTROLS develops, manufactures and markets mechanical door locks and exit devices, access controls, electronic locking devices and security systems worldwide.


EA, headquartered in Liege, Belgium was founded in 1965 and has a worldwide presence with offices in Europe, United States, Asia, and Latin America. Our expertise is in sensors for automatic doors and the cutting-edge technologies that go into making each sensor the most efficient and reliable in the industry. In addition, we are continuously developing sensors aimed at other diverse types of applications where the convenience and safety of the users is essential.


For these sensors, B.E.A.’s extended team of engineers skillfully exploit several technologies, including Doppler-effect radar for motion detection, active and passive infrared for safety detection, as well as lasers, video imaging and other leading edge technologies for automatic door operation These technologies are also being applied to expanded markets such as transportation, government, and others


From electromagnetic locks like the ultra-durable M32 and M62, to exit bars and devices, power supplies, digital entry systems and much more, Securitron offers an ever-expanding line of electrified locking systems and access control components backed by a lifetime warranty