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Electric Strikes

Electric strikes generally are available in two configurations:

  • Fail-secure. Also called fail-locked or non-fail safe. In this configuration, applying electric current to the strike will cause it to open. In this configuration, the strike would remain locked in a power failure, but typically the knob can still be used to open the door from the inside for egress from the secure side. These units can be powered by alternating current, which will cause the unit to buzz, or DC power, which offers silent operation, except for a “click” while the unit releases.
  • Fail-safe. Also called fail-open. In this configuration, applying electric current to the strike will cause it to lock. It operates the same as a magnetic lock would. If there is a power failure, the door opens merely by being pushed or pulled. Fail-safe units are always operated with direct current.

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Dash Door is proud to distribute, install and support our manufacturer partners.

Von Duprin

Von Duprin manufactures the widest range of exit devices and outside trim, in addition to electric strikes and other electronic accessories.


Trine Access Technology Inc. is first and foremost an innovator of Electric Strikes, working hard to bring our Universal Solutions to security professionals, locksmiths, and installers everywhere…

From its conception, over 80 years ago, Trine has been guided by a single principle: to provide customers with innovative product design and development and to maintain the highest level of product quality and customer service possible.In 1999, a new company, Trine Access Technology was formed under new ownership. Our principle remains the same while our goals are greater than ever.Trine offers the largest selection of electric strikes in the industry, including the 3000 Series SMALLEST ELECTRIC STRIKES IN THE WORLD and the EN series ONLY UL® outdoor rated strike.

At the heart of our product line are the AXION Premium Electric Strikes, which includes the 4800, En Series and 3000 Series. AXION’S truly innovative designs offer breakthroughs in cost reduction of both the actual product cost and time savings benefits to the installer.


HES is committed to being the leading provider of innovative electromechanical locking solutions and support.

Adams Rite

Adams Rite® Manufacturing has earned its reputation as a leader in architectural hardware by continually offering innovative lines of electric strikes, exit devices, swinging door, sliding door and access control hardware.