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Manual Doors

Dash Door’s Service & Maintenance Group technicians are trained in ALL aspects of servicing ALL types of manual doors and manual door hardware.  Our Contract Hardware warehouse supplies our service technicians with the parts they need to quickly service your needs.

Our technicians also take great care in servicing custom architectural doors.  We install these systems and are trained in ensuring damage is not sustained when we service them.

Dorma Glas

DORMA Glas is widely acknowledged as the leading designer and manufacturer of systems and accessories for tempered glass entrances.  Glass applications demand a special type of hardware.  To meet this demand, DORMA has developed a range of glass fittings for interior swing doors.  These unobtrusive fittings create the perfect ambiance that are both functional and dependable aligning with the needs of glazing construction and their users.

DORMA Glas products offer the versatility designers demand, resulting in elegant minimalist solutions for today’s challenges.