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Herculite Glass Door Repair

Dash Door technicians are capable of safely handling and repairing your heavy Herculite type Glass Doors.  Dash Door Specialty Services is called upon to quickly to remove and secure an opening location where glass door lites have shattered due after-hours vandalism or accidental impact.

Our team will:

  • arrive on site to remove the remaining door hardware and board up and secure the location.
  • measure and order new glass of size to match existing required hardware locations which will be expedited by one of our glazing manufacturers
  • clean and prepare the existing top and bottom rails for reglazing at our shop location
  • reglaze the doors to match existing dimensions, or to correct original dimensional issues
  • transport and reinstall the finished product on-site and adjust for proper operation.

Our team is noted for their “Herculean” efforts and experience in bringing your heavy Herculite doors back in operation quickly.