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Fire Doors

Dash Door service technicians are experienced in the servicing and maintenance of Fire Doors and the associated special hardware.

Fire Doors attempt to limit the damage caused by a fire and make a building safer for the occupants by closing an opening.  It is important that fire rated doors are self-closing and are not modified in a way that would prevent the door from functioning as intended.

In addition to manual door controls and hardware such as doors closers and fire seals, electrified hardware such as magnetic holders and fire releases are often called upon.  Dash Door technicians are supported by our Access Control / Electronics Group for instances where fire doors are tied into building systems such as the Fire Control systems.  In such cases, knowledge and experience of electrified hardware and communication with the building systems is needed to properly service your door.

There is no need to call a separate door technician and an access control company to service a single problem – Dash Door is your turn-key answer.