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Where are your keys?


It’s a great occasion when we can admit an issue faced by our our own company and happily report that it has been solved by one of the very products we represent and support.  Dash Door is happy to pass along an informative white paper and provide a product testimonial that has had a positive impact on our daily workflow and efficiency.  Products like the T21 Medeco Key Management system greatly simplify workflow while providing auditing functions with a simple interface.

Dash Door & Closer Service, Inc. maintains an ever-growing fleet of vehicles serving a South Florida client base.  When project scheduling or scheduled vehicle maintenance requires personnel changes, quick access to vehicle and/or tiered inventory storage keys by tech team members across multiple company departments – a key management system is vital.  Dash Door had previously spent many minutes each morning ‘looking for keys” as they related to the previous evenings emergency service calls or called audible “vehicle swaps” based on vehicle inventory.  Investment in key management has changed how Dash Door mobilizes in the morning for the better.  There are no more “where are your keys” moments.  While Dash Door may utilize many of the Division 8 products we represent; few have directly affected our daily workflow as has the T21 Key Management System.


———White Paper exerpts below————–


Simplifying key management for small to medium sizes businesses and organizations


Keys are an essential element to secure many locations and devices, but keeping up with keys can be an ongoing challenge. Problems can occur in any business or organization that uses a dozen or more keys. How do you keep up with them all?


Think about the maintenance worker with a ring full of keys who doesn’t know which one goes to what. Consider the office pegboard where keys are supposed to be hanging – and often aren’t. The sign-out sheet for keys nearby probably hasn’t been used in weeks. Picture that drawer full of stray keys and the time you had to go through every one to unlock a specific door or lock. How much time might a small business spend looking for keys? In an urgent situation, everyone might have to stop what they’re doing and join the search – but at what cost to the business?


Keeping up with keys can be a common problem for a variety of business and organizations, including the following:


•Property management, including estate agents, multi-tenant office buildings, retail units, local residents’ associations, etc.

•Doctors, dentists, veterinarians, chiropractors, etc.

•Healthcare. One UK study found that nurses spent as much as 40 minutesvin an eight-hour shift looking for keys to drug cabinets

•Schools typically have many doors to lock or facilities to protect

•Hotels, or other hospitality businesses such as chalet resorts

•Small manufacturing sites, which must control key access to machinery as well as door locks

•Automotive dealerships and workshops – anywhere keys to multiple vehicles must be managed, including carpools and rental car companies

•Group homes and similar sites where facilities are shared

•Home help providers. For example, one company provides bicycles for employee transportation, and they need a way to track who is using which bikes based on who has the keys to unlock them In fact, almost any small to medium sized business (SME) can face challenges controlling and managing their keys


Download the original Medeco White Paper here