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Dor-O-Matic Hydraulic Door System

Dash Door is THE resource continuing to service, maintain, rebuild, and utilize the reliable Dor-O-Matic Hydraulic Door System for clients nationwide.

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Hydraulic Door Systems

The Dor-O-Matic Hydraulic Door System utilizes hydraulic power units to push hydraulic fluid through a closed system of copper tubing and hydraulic fittings.  The hydraulic infrastructure does not require electric power to the door leafs – thus providing a higher level of fail-safe or fail-secure optionality that is not reliant on power status for security.  When hydraulic infrastructure in place at a facility, the closed-loop pressure is used by the center hung concealed in-floor or concealed overhead operators to actuate automatic swinging or sliding doors without electric power.  The system is configured to meet all applicable ANSI and ADA standards for automatic doors and can be further modified with custom logic controllers to tie into building fire, monitoring and/or access control systems.

Rebuilt Existing System Components

Dash Door’s trained Dor-O-Matic Hydraulic technicians are able to furnish new and rebuilt Dash / Dor-O-Matic Hydraulic Door System components.

New Installations / Heavy Doors

Complete Hydraulic Door Systems are also available in a pre-packaged form, or custom built to your specifications.

This product is the perfect solution for heavy specialty doors, lead-lined doors and moveable glass partitions where swinging or sliding panel weights that require the power only a closed hydraulic system can provide.

If you do not know what you need, please give us a call.  Our staff of experts dedicated to servicing only this line are available to consult at any time.

Below are the main components of the system – contact Dash Door for help with operator door handing (left-hand / right-hand) as well as miscellanous accessories:

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