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Heavy Specialty Doors – Automatic Hydraulic

Dash Door has employed the Dor-O-Matic Hydraulic Door System on numerous custom installations where hydraulic power was necessary to swing or slide HEAVY door or wall panels.


Applications for this system include:
  • Hospitals – heavy lead-lined doors
  • Vaults
  • Swinging large panel glass partitions


With hydraulic power – we can swing it!

Dash Door can design and implement a hydraulic power system for your custom installation.  Support in preparation of your door or partition panel to accept the system is also provided via CAD drawings as required.  We will work with your door / panel manufacturer or a Dash Door partner manufacturer if requested to ensure all components are coordinated and balanced.


The video below is an example of the power of hydraulic automatic operators to swing a heavy door – or wall in this case.  This particular swinging glass wall is located at Miami International Airport.