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When we speak the same language – we get more done!

Dash Door’s well-received Facility Manager Education Series topics have been previously presented in a classroom setting as requested by a number of our South Florida Facility clients.

Some years ago, some of our more forward thinking health care system and higher-education facility managers and procurement staff had requested regular on-site classroom presentation on a number of topics which they wished their site engineers / staff to be more well-versed.

While Dash Door offers these technical information / education sessions at no cost to existing clients; not every facility may be able to host opportunities for various reasons (time constraints, employee shift logistics, etc).

In response to client requests, Dash Door is proud to announce our online Facility Manager Education Series.  Dash Door will distill our classroom discussions into “bite-sized” posts on our website Resource Center.  Facility Managers may conduct their own in-house information sessions using materials presented in the Dash Door Technical Articles section tagged as “Facility Manager Education Series”.  Any topics with printable Reference Tools will be tagged in the Reference Tools section of the Resource Center as well.

Our goal is to offer educational opportunities and resources to the facility management community as a whole.  Dash Door’s almost 60 years of experience relative to our six service groups offer expertise across door, hardware and glass/glazing topics.  Our motivation is to improve communication between clients and their door / glazing professionals.  When we speak the same language – we get more done!

Part I – Automatic Door Preventative Maintenance / Risk Management

Part II – Automatic Door Daily Safety Checks

Part III – Anatomy of a Service Call

Stay tuned for regular future posts to this series.