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Selecting the Right Automatic Door

Automatic doors are quite common in commercial facilities since they provide invaluable convenience to people working in and visiting the premises. However, selecting the right automatic door is crucial for reaping the benefits of these doors. The responsibility of getting the appropriate, functional and safe automatic door for any facility is shared by its owner, layout designer and the door supplier.

There are three different types of automatic doors you will find readily available:

Sliding Doors

Swinging Doors

Folding Doors

Apart from these three standard designs available on the market, some manufacturers also provide customized designs depending on the functional and design needs of the facility. Specialized features are also provided by some manufacturers such as the ability of the door to open completely in emergency situations.

The most crucial part of selecting the right automatic door is the choosing the right local distributor/ installation contractor. Your local distributor must have the experience to understand your needs and specifications for the desired product and configuration. You can ask your distributor to provide you with a compliance proof that shows that building codes and manufacturing standards set by recognized authorities have been adhered to.

When it comes to selecting the design of the automatic doors, the decision should be based on the type of facility, its layout and the nature of traffic expected in the proposed install location. In most cases where the door is intended for two-way traffic, a sliding automatic door is considered to be an ideal choice since it requires less space to operate. In case of one-way traffic, automatic swinging doors are a suitable option. However, these doors require large clear spaces to be installed so that the swinging paths can move conveniently.

Keeping all these factors in mind, you can help steer your local distributor in selecting the right automatic door for your facility. Your local distributor is a manufacturer representative trained to navigate building codes and standards of practice. Use their knowledge and experience to your benefit.