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Architectural Hardware – Finish Chart References

Finish Charts

The AHFB-18 (Architectural Hardware Finish Board) EDP# 06-9601 pictured above represents only a fraction of more than 60 high quality architectural grade finishes offered by the majority of hardware manufacturers.  Colors are an indication only do to limitation of photography, and computer hardware and software.

Please find below for your reference downloadable finish sheets per ANSI / BHMA.  All charts feature the ANSI/BHMA codes as they relate to the “former” US codes which like most things, refuses to go away – hardware folks are a stubborn lot aren’t they!  Weren’t you told in grade school that we were going metric?


Architectural Hardware Finish Board (AHFB-18)    

(courtesy of Stanley)

Dash Door – Finish Chart #1

Dash Door – Finish Chart #2