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Trine – 4800 Series – Electric Strike

Trine’s line of electric strikes for surface mounted rim panic devices come equipped with more features that make them ideal for every installer. All 4800 Series strikes have built in electronics, spacer plates, and our Patented Anchoring System, ensuring you will always be prepared.

Included in every 4800 series strike, Trines Patented Anchoring System provides additional safety and security to your installation and while extending the life of your strike. The Universal 4850, 4850PoE, 4850LCD, and the 4801 make use of a 6-pin anchoring system, with the 2 center pins giving additional rigidity to the latch cavity.

The anchoring system works with both the 1/4″ and 1/8″ spacer plates in the 4850, 4850LCD, 4850PoE models — allowing maximum strength and maximum flexibility.

Patented Anchoring System Features:

• Prevents strike from shifting on the frame for the most secure installations.

• Use the included spacer plate as a guide when mounting the Patented Anchoring System.

• Center pins on the 4850 are recommended for high traffic areas..

• Trines Patented Anchoring System is not required for installation but is recommended.

(Note: The two ‘center’ pins in the 4801 6 pin anchoring system are required).