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LCN – 2800/9500 Series – Senior Swing Operator

The SENIOR SWING by LCN is an ADA door operator that is a two-in-one swing door operator. SENIOR SWING operators when activated, open doors automatically for wheelchair access, yet allows for manual operation for regular pedestrian traffic.


Digital Control Suite

Provides exceptionally precise control of a large range of built-in functions combined with superior durability and performance. Visual indications and digital readouts of all control function settings and activity make adjustments easy, fast and accurate.


Dual Independent Program Memories

Each unit is pre-programmed to factory default settings. The installer can adjust the unit to meet the job site requirements. These field settings are locked into the computer’s memory. Any subsequent field adjustments replace the original field adjustments. The factory settings are always retained in memory and can be recalled to replace the field settings in just seconds, restoring the unit to its original programming.

On-Board Diagnostics

Sophisticated built-in diagnostics program monitors the system microprocessor, power supplies, drive systems and actuator and safety circuits. Reduces the time required to make sure the installation is complete and correct.


On-Board Power Supply

Provides 24V AC output or 24V DC output with rectifier to power card readers, manual actuators and other peripherals.


Plug and Play Sensors

Motion sensors and safety sensors feature a “plug and play” concept allowing fast and accurate wiring connections in only seconds.

Electronic Circuit Protection

High voltage (primary AC Input) is protected by replaceable fuse. Low voltage (secondary AC input) is protected by self-resetting fuses.


Visual Function Indicators

LED’s allow direct observation of these inputs while in visual function indicator mode:

  •  Key switch- set to Auto, OFF or HOLD
  • Activate
  • DMSS approach
  • DMSS safety
  • Carpet Safety
  • Bodyguard
  • Power Boost Disable


Programming Mode

Allows tailoring the following functions to meet specific site conditions

  • Opening Speed
  • Backcheck Speed
  • Backcheck Position
  • Hold Open Delay
  • Latch Position
  • Auto Reverse- Closing
  • Electric Lock Delay
  • Power Boost
  • Push N’ Go
  • Alternate Action
  • Safety Slow/Stop
  • Slow Down Disable


Push ‘N Go

Allows pedestrians to walk up to the door and push it open as if it were a manual door. After the door is manually opened approximately 5 degrees, the Push ‘N Go feature takes over and continues to open the door – slowly and automatically to the full open position. With Push ‘N Go, the door will stay fully open from one to 30 seconds, depending on the time delay chosen.


Auto Reverse

A safety feature that reverses the direction of the door when it comes into contact with an object during either opening or closing.


Safety Slow/Stops Function

Once the door starts opening, any person or object entering the swing area will cause the door to go into a safety slow speed. This function can be set to allow for a short stop once a person or object is sensed.


Power Boost

Adds an additional latching force to ensure secure latching in severe wind or stack conditions. Power Boost is also ideal for overcoming slowing obstacles such as electric strikes. Provides approximately 25 lbs. of additional closing force.



Control unit allows for quiet efficiency in operation. Combined with the all electromechanical unit, it eliminates unnecessary wear and prolongs the life of the unit.


Electric Lock Delay

Causes a 1 second delay between activate signal and door opening to allow time for most electric locks to disengage before operator opens door.