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Nabco – GT2100 Series – Sliding ICU

In intensive care and cardiac care units, large access areas are required for the trouble-free transport of beds gurneys and other medical equipment, especially in intensive care and cardiac-care units. The GT2100 series trackless system and the GT 2150 with floor track allow users to stack the sliding door and swing panel to one side allowing full opening access. The GT 2125 is a trackless system with fixed sidelites allowing partial breakout. This series is ideally suited for ICU/CCU rooms designated as “infection control” where airborne germs must be kept from spreading to other areas. These heavy-duty doors are also ideal for corridors where air quality in rooms must be maintained in case of fire.




  • Tested and rated for air and smoke infiltration by an independent test lab as outlined by UL and NFPA
  • Operate as sliding doors with the option for full breakout using a swing panel or partial breakout using a fixed panel
  • GT 2100 is trackless, full breakout
  • GT 2125 is trackless, features fixed sidelights, partial breakout
  • GT 2150 has a floor track, full breakout
  • All are available in two, three and four panel door packages with telescoping units available in three and six-panel door packages


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