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by Steve Sanko on 9/16/2012

RS2® Technologies is a technology-driven manufacturer of cutting edge access management hardware and software.

RS2®has developed a reputation as a “one-stop” solution by delivering cost-effective access management solutions to customers in industries as diverse as shipbuilding, energy, hospitals, education, defense, financial institutions, government, museums, information technology, and a variety of diverse manufacturing companies. From small office buildings to large industrial facilities, RS2 has the products to meet the needs of business and industry.

Our hardware line includes a wide range of system control processors, peripherals, readers and cards. Our Access It!® line of access control software is the most advanced and easy-to-use in the industry, ranging from Access It!®Lite, an entry-level, single-user version, to Access It!® Universal, a powerful yet cost-effective and scalable system that is ideal for applications ranging from small systems to enterprise class operations.

RS2 has developed an integrated family of access management hardware, easy-to-use software, and a wide array of peripherals and accessories that add up to the most flexible, value-added system solutions in the industry. RS2 product offerings include:

•Access It!® Software (Lite.NETTM, Universal, Badge It!®)

•System Control Processors

•Interface Modules

•Input/Output Modules


•Communications Packages (RS-485 serial, dial-up, Ethernet)

•Readers (magnetic stripe, proximity, wireless, biometric, OSDP)

•Cards (proximity, smart cards, key fobs, wafers, etc.)


•Accessories (power supplies, battery backups, adapter plates)

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